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# Debut Chart
74 Jan '58 Top 100


Roc-A-Chicka Roc-A-Chicka Roc-A-Chicka Roc-Roc-Roc Well the Roc-A-Chicka, a boom boom Move over baby, give your daddy room A red-rah, roo-rah ree It ain't nobody but you're lovin' daddy [CHORUS] Well everybody's rockin', everything is right We're gonna have some fun tonight Come on baby, take a lovin' cue We're gonna lose them lonesome lovin' blues

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Well I met my baby when the sun shined bright She said, come on son let's rock tonight We had fun, oh man, oh gee So come on man and rock with me [repeat CHORUS] Well I slicked down my hair and I shined my shoes I'm meetin' my baby on ??????? She said, Hmm mmm honey, forget it all Tonight we're gonna have a ball [repeat CHORUS] Roc-A-Chicka Roc-A-Chicka Roc-A-Chicka Roc-A-Chicka Roc-Roc-Roc


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