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Lyrics by: Albert Beach, Guy Wood
# Debut Chart
43 Nov '58 Hot 100


Here I stand His ring Is on my hand But he's second best In my heart

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He loves me so Dear Lord Don't let him know I'm only playing A part Here I stand My ring is on her hand But I know she's playing A part I need her so I'm right for her I know But I'm second best In her heart (How handsome the groom) There they stand (How lovely the bride) His ring is on her hand (How faithful the friend as he stands by their find) But once once I was first in her heart (How happy a wedding ???) I made her see a friend I'd always be (This ???) I've loved someone else from the start Dear Lord above Inspire me with a word So strong That the past (Dear Lord above) Will depart (Let me stand by her side) Don't let me rest Until the second best Is truly the first In my heart The first And last In my heart


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