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96 Jun '57 Top 100


Our home is in shambles All I've treasured is gone The town seems deserted Everyone's so forlorn A storm came from up above But somehow it missed The Shrine of St. Cecilia The bells in the chapel Never ring anymore The clock in the steeple Can't tell time as before

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But up on the hillside That is blessed The Shrine of St. Cecilia [VERSE 5] Each day at even five When I seek haven from my daily care You'll find me by her side It seems so peaceful there [VERSE 6] I kneal in my solitude and silently pray That heaven will protect you, dear And therell come a day The storm will be over and we'll meet again At the Shrine of St. Cecilia [repeat VERSE 5] [repeat VERSE 6] The Shrine of St. Cecilia


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