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32 Dec '57 Top 100


Here is a news bulletin Santa Claus has been kidnapped By spacemen from a flying saucer Which landed at the North pole Be on the lookout for Santa Claus Last seen wearing (Black slacks, black slacks) We take you now to the White House For an interview with the President Mr. President, Mr. President (I hear you knocking But you can't come in) Mr.President Have you a word on the Santa Claus kidnapping (Woow) We have just received A report from the FBI Santa has been taken to a Satellite circling the Earth We take you now to the satellite This is John Cameron Cameron Downtown Sputnik We are here in the Sputnik jail With Santa Claus Wait, what's that sound The satellite men are Coming this way (Oh, oh, oh, oh...) I think the King of Sputnik Is about to speak (All I want for Christmas Is my two front teeth) Santa, have you anything to say To the satellite men (Come on and do the Jailhouse rock with me Let's rock) Santa (everybody, let's rock) Santa, Santa I know how you can escape Disguised as Elvis Presley

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Uh oh, looks Like we've been spotted We return you now to Earth We're now at the North Pole Where a rocket is being launched To catch the satellite And rescue Santa Control tower to rocket Prepare to blast off (Awww, let's go) Will the rocket be successful Will Santa be rescued Turn the record over And find out The rocket sent to rescue Santa Claus has failed With sadness The President speaks (Holy mackeral) The Secretary of State Has this statement (Our goose is cooked Our reputation is shot) In Londen at A meeting of Parliament Your Majesty, have you a Statement to make on This terrible tragedy (Goodness gracious) We take you now to Moscow We're here with the Premier of Russia Comrade, the rocket has failed What do we do now (Come back tomorrow And try it again) Here is a report from Tokyo This is Radio Tokyo The Imperial Government Has this message (Ooh, la la) Meanwhile, back on the satellite (Oh, oh, oh, oh...) This is John Cameron Cameron Downtown Sputnik The satellite men are closing in We can hear them outside saying (Let me in or else I'll beat down your door) Santa has just escaped Through the chimney Disguised as Elvis We return you now to Earth If you should look up at The sky this Christmas Eve And and see a flying saucer Pulling eight reindeer Chances are, it's Santa Claus Merry Christmas, Earth people


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