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Lyrics by: Chuck Berry
# Debut Chart
4 Oct '56 R&B


Running to and fro Hard working at the mill Never fail in the mail Yeah, come a rotten bill [CHORUS] Too much monkey business Too much monkey business Too much monkey business For me to be involved in Salesman talking to me Trying to run me up a creek Say you can buy it Go on, try it You can pay me next week [repeat CHORUS] Blond haired, good looking Trying to get me hooked Want me to marry, get a home Settle down, write a book [repeat CHORUS] Same thing every day Getting up, going to school No need in me complaining My objection's overruled [repeat CHORUS] Pay phone, something wrong Dime gone, will mail I ought to sue the operator For telling me a tale

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[repeat CHORUS] Been to Yokohama Been fighting in the war Army bunk, army chow Army clothes, army car [repeat CHORUS] Working in the filling station Too many tasks Wipe the windows Check the tires Check the oil, dollar gas Too much monkey business Too much monkey business I don't want your botheration Get away, leave me be Too much monkey business for me


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