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# Debut Chart
68 Dec '56 Top 100


High upon my ceiling There's a dancing chandelier There's a party going on above me And I hear it loud and clear All the windows Must be open But I don't need complain It's only That I'm lonely And the music is driving me insane

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I've been waiting For my lover To call me on the phone He doesn't love me Or he would call me He knows that I'm alone [VERSE 1] I hear the phone ring I'm in heaven He tells me He still cares [VERSE 2] Then he begs me To come and meet him At the party That's right upstairs [VERSE 3] A moment ago I was lonely Now my heart is filled with cheer Soon I'll be dancing in the arms of my lover Right over My dancing chandelier [repeat VERSE 1] [repeat VERSE 2] [repeat VERSE 3]


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