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# Debut Chart
80 Nov '56 Top 100


Be on the lookout for Buchanan and Goodman Last seen wearing (Black denim trousers And motorcycle boots)

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Look out, they're after us Let's get outta here Are you Buchanan and Goodman Yes, we are (Hello, hello again) Well, this is a summons You're under arrest This is John Cameron Cameron in court The trial of Buchanan and Goodman is now in session Is the district attorney ready (Ready, I'm ready, ready Ready, I'm ready) Call the first witness What is your name (They often call me Speedo But my real name is Mr. Earl) What is your complaint against Buchanan and Goodman (They wouldn't give me a ride In their flying saucer) Call the next witness What took you so long (I passed in the jungle) Your honor, I object What have you got to say (Tutti fruitti, oh, rooty) Order in the court Call the next witness Aren't you Skinny Dynamo (Yes, it's me) Buchanan and Goodman Have you anything to say (You ain't nothing But a hound dog) Order, ladies and gentlemen Of the jury, you may leave the room (Meanwhile back in the jury room) We return you now to the courtroom Where the judge is saying to the jury (Bom bom bom .....) And the jury is saying to the judge (Bom bom bom .....) Ladies and gentlemen of the jury Have you reached a verdict (Yeah, lalalala, yeah) We find them not guilty This is John Cameron Cameron again And now what are you going To do with that summons (I'm gonna rip it up I'm gonna rip it up) This is John Cameron Cameron And this is the judge saying (That's all there is to that)


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