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# Debut Chart
89 Aug '56 Top 100


[CHORUS] Love ain't right Love ain't right Love ain't purdy When love ain't right When we fuss And when we fight Ain't it a pity When love ain't right Kitten in the kitchen Hear it purr Poodle in the pantry lookin' at her Well they're ready to tangle It's plain to see Get along better than you and me [repeat CHORUS] Bees in the honey Bees in the comb You're the only bee Who's not at home You got me buzzin' When you're all through But you're buzzin' with the bees Who don't buzz you

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[repeat CHORUS] Out in the treetop Hootin' all day Sittin' and a-waitin' Don't wanna play Gets no answer when he says "Who" Just like me when I talk to you [repeat CHORUS] Sheep in the meadow Cows in the corn First you're here and then you're gone I'm gonna get me three boy scouts To keep up with your whereabouts [repeat CHORUS] Folks may think there's something wrong Sounds like we don't get along Our love ain't weak, our love is strong Without our fightin' there ain't no song [repeat CHORUS]


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