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Lyrics by: Leadbelly
# Debut Chart
59 Apr '56 Top 100


Now this here's the story About the Rock Island Line The Rock Island Line She runs down into New Orleans And just outside of New Orleans Is a big toll gate and all the trains That go through the toll gate, why They got to pay the man some money

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But of course, if you've Got certain things on board You're okay, you don't Have to pay the man nothing Just now we see a train She's coming down the line And when she come up near the toll gate The driver, he shout down to the man He said, I got pigs, I got horses I got cows, I got sheep I got all livestock got all livestock I got all livestock And the man say Well, you're all right, boy You just get on through You don't have to pay me nothing And then the train go through And when he go through the tollgate The train get up a little bit of steam And a little bit of speed And when the driver thinks He's safely on out of sight He shouts back down The line to the man He say, I fooled you, I fooled you I got pig iron, I got pig iron I got all pig iron Now I'll tell you Where I'm going, boy (CHORUS) Down the Rock Island Line She's a mighty good road The Rock Island Line Is the road to ride Yes, the Rock Island Line Is a mighty good road But if you want to ride Gotta ride it like you find it Get your ticket at the station Of the Rock Island Line I may be right, I may be wrong You know you're gonna miss me When I'm gone (CHORUS) Hallelujah, I'm safe from sin The good Lord's coming For to see me again (CHORUS) A, b, c, w, x, y, z Cat's in the cupboard But he dont see me (CHORUS) 2X


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