Music Service


by Bonnie Lou
# Debut Chart
14 Feb '56 Top 100


[CHORUS] Daddy-o (Daddy-o) Sure good looking Daddy-o (Daddy-o) Always cooking Daddy-o (Daddy-o) Ready to go All the girls are batty Over Daddy-o You couldn't call him handsome But he's loaded with style Always wears a t-shirt And a great big smile Something 'bout this crazy kid We all love so When he's around The girls all holler, Daddy-o

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[repeat CHORUS] He's got a big convertible Fire engine red Howling and a-prowling Never goes to bed He's really Mister Big To all the kids in school Everybody knows that Daddy-O's real cool [repeat CHORUS] You never have to see him To know that he's around He's got a set of horns With the craziest sound The girls start to jiving When they hear him blow They all jump and holler Here comes Daddy-O [repeat CHORUS] All the girls are batty Over Daddy-o (Daddy-o, Daddy-o) (Daddy-o, Daddy-o) (Daddy-o, Daddy-o)


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