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# Debut Chart
91 Feb '56 Top 100


[CHORUS] In Nuevo Laredo The moon is aglow In Nuevo Laredo In old Mexico In Nuevo Laredo In old Mexico The other turistas Were spending their dough But he spent his time Singin' love songs, you see And every time he sang a song He gave a kiss to me [repeat CHORUS] In Nuevo Laredo The blue Rio Grande Was bright in the moonlight As he held my hand He sang me a love song The whole lovely night We kissed and kissed And kissed and kissed Until the morning light [repeat CHORUS]

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In Nuevo Laredo I found true romance And with my seņor I sang and I danced We had a fiesta From morning 'til night Then my father called us ???????? In Nuevo Laredo He travels no more Since my father Hollered Don't darken my door But each night by moonlight He's one happy man You should see him swim to me Across the Rio Grande [repeat CHORUS]


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