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# Debut Chart
20 Feb '56 Top 100


Dig, man There goes Mack the Knife Oh, the shark has Pretty teeth, dear And he shows them Pearly white Just a jackknife Has Mack Heath, dear And he keeps it Out of sight When the shark bites With his teeth, dear Scarlet billows Start to spread

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Fancy gloves though Wears Mack Heath, dear So there's not a Trace of red On the sidewalk Sunday morning Lies a body Oozing life Someone's sneaking Round the corner Is this someone Mack the Knife From a tugboat By the river A cement bag's Drooping down Yes, the cement's Just for the weight, dear Bet you Mack Heath's Back in town Lookie here, Louie Miller Disappeared, dear After drawing Out his cash And Mack Heath spends Like a sailor Did our boy do Something rash Sukie Tawdry, Jenny Diver Lotte Lenya, sweet Lucy Brown Oh, the line forms On the right, dear Now that Mack Heath's Back in town Take it, Satch


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