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by Eddie Cooley & The Dimples
# Debut Chart
20 Oct '56 Top 100


Oh, Priscilla, at last I've found you Come let me put my arms around you Oh, Priscilla, you sweet, sweet thing, you Please wear my ring on your finger

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(CHORUS) Ooh, Priscilla, hey, hey, Priscilla Hey, little girl you know You've got my poor happy heart Ooh, Priscilla, hey, hey, Priscilla Well, I hope you know Just what you have started You came near me and rolled those eyes You knew they'd get me by and by (CHORUS) In the morning and night time too I cant seem to get my mind off you (CHORUS) Oh, Priscilla (oh, Priscilla) Hey, Priscilla (hey, hey, Priscilla) My Priscilla (oh, Priscilla) Mmm, Priscilla (hey, hey, Priscilla) Oh, Priscilla.......


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