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16 Sep '56 Top 100


[CHORUS] Come to the station, jump from the train March at the double down Lover's Lane Then in the glen where the roses entwine Lay down your arms, lay down your arms Lay down your arms and surrender to mine My sweetheart is a soldier As handsome as can be But suddenly they sent him Away across the sea

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So patiently I waited Until his leave was due Then wrote and said, my darling I'll tell you what to do [repeat CHORUS] A soldier is a soldier And when he's on parade An order is an order And has to be obeyed You've got to do your duty Wherever you may be And now you're under orders To hurry home to me [repeat CHORUS] The girl who loves a soldier Is either sad or gay Cause first of all he's with her And then he's far away But soldiers have their duty To answer to the call And that is why I'm calling The loudest of them all [repeat CHORUS]


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