Music Service


by Kay Thompson
Lyrics by: Kay Thompson
# Debut Chart
39 Mar '56 Top 100


(Eloise, Eloise, Eloise, Eloise) (Who is the little girl who Lives in the Plaza in New York) That`s me, Eloise, I`m six I live on the top floor (Who is the little girl who knows Everybody`s business in New York) I spend an enormous Amount of time in the lobby I have to see what`s going on there (Who`s on the telephone most of the day) I have to call room service a lot And tell them to charge it, please And thank you very much (Who`s in and out and up and Down and in everybody`s way) That`s what Mr. Salamoney says And he ought to know He`s the manager, for Lord`s sake

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(Who`s up at break of day Creating a terrible racket in the halls) Sometimes I take two sticks And skitter them along the woodwork (Who has a lovely way of writing Her name in lipstick on the walls) My mother is thirty And wears a three and a half shoe (Who`s the little darling who`ll Drive you out of your head But you love her just the same) After all, I`m only six (Who`s the little girl who`s Only good when she`s in bed Eloise is her name) That`s me, Eloise (Eloise, Eloise, Eloise, Eloise) (Eloise) that`s Nanny She`s my nurse, she`s English And wears tissue paper in her dress And you can hear it (Eloise, what are you doing) Here`s the thing of it I have to open that window wider Because there`s this pigeon who Keeps hanging around out there And I`m gonna squonk him in his head (Eloise, what are you doing, doing, doing Come in off that ledge, my dear And close the windows at once Before we all freeze, freeze, freeze) Nanny, actually, I`m rather Tired, tired, tired (Goodnight, my dear) Goodnight, Nanny (Goodnight, Eloise) (Eloise, Eloise, Eloise, Eloise) Oh, my Lord There`s so much to do Tomorrow, I think I`ll pour a pitcher Of water down the mailchute (Eloise) that`s me, Eloise


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