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Lyrics by: Bob Merrill
# Debut Chart
90 Nov '55 Top 100


Let's meet When all the streets Are dark And all The town's asleep Gotta a mad desire I can't explain To kiss you on the corner Of Broad and Main Come by the church A game we'll play The milkman gives The bride away [CHORUS] Outside The de- Depart- -Ment store We'll look At each Display Pickin' kitchen collar, (?????) Nursery too Just like two honeymooners do Let's meet tonight When all the streets are dark I'll phone you up tonight To meet me On the third bench in the park Because the moon is ours completely When all the streets are dark

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Baby, we'll go rollin' We'll go rockin' We'll go rockin' down the block and To the tickin' and the tockin' Of the city hall clock We'll kissin' and we'll huggin' We'll be on to meet the moon (?????) We'll be sittin' on the flag By the national bank (?????) Gotta take a little hop Over to the pawn shop 'Cause the windows full of things For the shiny wedding rings Won't it be frantic More than romantic When everybody's dozin', baby, I'll be there for posin' [repeat CHORUS]


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