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Lyrics by: Winfield Scott
# Debut Chart
9 Nov '55 Top 100


Keep that candle burning bright, mother I'll be kinda late tonight, mother There's a yellow moon above, mother Shining on the one I love, mother [CHORUS] Burn that candle, night and day Burn that candle, light our way Keep that doorway open wide Until we come slowly Strolling side by side While that candle's burning high, mother I'll be with my sugar pie, mother We'll be coming home you know, mother Looking for that candle glow, mother

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[repeat CHORUS] After we have had the wedding, mother To that candle we'll be heading, mother So, before we're wining, dining, mother Start that candle light a shining, mother [repeat CHORUS] Until we come slowly Strolling side by side Till I'm strolling through That doorway with my bride


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