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# Debut Chart
13 Nov '05 R&B
23 Dec '05 Hot 100


When I was eight, I was rhyming Not back yard game playing Watching Snoop anxiously And waiting for my chance, man Riding cocky with it 'Cause I know that I am, man I'm going down in history Like American Bandstand I stay fresh to def Like the neighborhood dope man I stay on the top cause I keep coming with dough, man You steady watching stealing But there ain't no hope, man You're dealing with something bigger Than the US Open And ain't no joking Fresh like fat laces and dukey ropes And I keep on smoking Young but I'm ready So that means I'm stroking You can pet me now days, girl The dog is soaking Addicted to it J.D. say I got it bad Eighteen nigga making More than your dad, see They think they doing it But I'm a outdo 'em If you know somebody like that Pull up and say to 'em [CHORUS] Ye ain't riding (ye ain't riding) Ye ain't bumping like I'm bumping Ye ain't saying nothing, homie Ye ain't fresh azimiz Ye ain't got it (ye ain't got it) You don't keep it thugging Like I keep it thugging Lil buddy, you ain't fresh azimiz Ye ain't big whipping Ye ain't steady to tipping No girl getting homie You ain't fresh azimiz Think you is (Think you is) But you ain't (but you ain't) Think you can get it crunk like me But you can't

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Now every record that I make I'm trying to get up out the store, man Every car I drive I'm trying Have you saying, whoa, man Fourth album comeback Power like rogaine Records say Columbia But I'm So So, man I stay on my grind Bringing in that dough, man From records to movies Now a tv show, man Anything given to me I'm gon' rep, man Big house, big cars What you expect, man Just to get a glimpse Girls breaking they neck, man Blinded by the light Glistening off the brake lane Bow hot as ever I ain't lost no step Straight t-shirt, sneakers I ain't trying to go prep Like these lil R &B groups That need my help Wish they had my style Wish they had my rep But, oh, no (oh, no) You'll never have it like me, man And if you can't understand This is what I'm saying [repeat CHORUS] I got a spot in MIA to get Away from the cold weather Talk around town As if I'm with Ciara Bow fall off Nigga, that'll be never I'm rich, yeah, I'm rich I can do whatever I get a kick out of shutting Suckas down in the parking lot Especially when they trying To stunt thinking they hot All out the window talking loud Like they running my block That's when I come through Come through and all that stop And ain't another youngin Keep it fresh like this, man Every year, same time Come with them hits, man Tired of making girl Fall out with a kiss, man Well, listen and you're stuck Music just like quicksand Older people say that Lil young dude sick, man Young AI and we cool thick, man Difference between you and me Is you be brickling And I ain't never ever Done that before (no) [repeat CHORUS 2x]


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