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by Twista feat Pitbull
# Debut Chart
94 Dec '05 Hot 100


[Pitbull] [SPOKEN] Yea we gon' take it from the bottom to the windy city Miami's finest, Chi Town's finest Pitbull, Twista And we want all the women to... Boogie boogie boogie(go ahead baby) Boogie boogie boogie [CHORUS] Get down hit the flo (x4) Dile ponme la hay que te la voy a partir(x4) [Twista] Shake it shake it fo me Come and work it for me Shawty but don't break it for me Wiggle wiggle want you Come on and get naked fo me Say you like the dick Won't you come and take it from me Gon' twirk it fo me while I let the dick slide Pop it fo me mama show me you know how to ride Now stop runnin' from me Go and hold that fatty up Now let me beat up until you say you've had enough Pitbull and twista shawty Show me how you work that work that Got to the flo but don't hurt that hurt that Take you with me if you can show me how you do that Looking so hot and got the hood hollin' \"who dat\" Hit it so hard mamacita Come and let me inspect yo thigh Open up because I got a new exercise I can drop it down pick up da flow Hit that bitch up with the rhythm and go GET DOWN HIT THE FLO' [repeat CHORUS x4] [Pitbull] When Pits in the area area Better check his bank fo direst deposits Check under yo bed bed Check yo closet She don't like bacon? COOL I'll give her sausage If it doesn't make sense sense Don't make dollars dollars Don't make money money Don't make profits Boogie boogie I just want to give you nook Noogie noggie Turn around let me see how you would Do me Do me Put it all together that would be a Boogie Boogie noogie noogie noogie Do Me Do Me Damn it woman I'm on the track with Twista So it's only right That I take my words and twist 'em Watch how I get up and go Watch how I switch up the flo Watch how I do it like No ones done it befo' Yes uuhhh Pits a pro Mami what you fronin' fo Girl do what you do best HIT THE FLO!

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[repeat CHORUS x4] [Twista] All the chicks be lovin' Twista when he spittin' 'em rhymes And I be lovin' all da ladies that got dick on they mind ]From the windy city down to the dirty south Like Luda you know I beat that shit by the ++word of mouf++ I sold 350 the first week The day after I'm coming at you on a smurf beat Because he got the base to hit you on da head like a 4 by 4 Now back it up for me I'm beggin' shawty Por favor Go and get the other lane Let me show you how to jack it Ain't no like nothin' a brother You gon' like it when I smack it I got you in a fantasy I hope yo shit pop off While we grindin' I'm tryin' to get my rocks off Hope them haters don't coma at me thinking my blocks off 'Cause we known to get the heaters burnin' like hot sauce It's all because I gave them baby mamas dick on da low I tell 'em GET DOWN HIT DA FLO [repeat CHORUS]


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