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Lyrics by: Trey Songz, Troy Taylor
# Debut Chart
11 Oct '05 R&B
67 Dec '05 Hot 100


[Intro] Good evening I'd like to thank everybody for coming out Hope your flights were safe Feeling real breezey [VERSE 1] It's calling my body It's calling my soul It's calling my mind So girl I gotta go Baby it's the grind Yes I had a good time (Don't get me wrong) You were so good And I really wish I could Stay a little bit longer Love you a little bit stronger And go a little deeper Baby with you But since this thang is calling I Gotta answer dry your eyes Girl don't cry 'Cause your making it hard for me

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[CHORUS] 'Cause I don't want to leave (Ooo girl) But I gotta go right now I'll be back to hold you down (I don't wanna) I don't want to leave no But girl I gotta go right now But I'll be back before you know it [VERSE 2] So hold that thought (that thought) Don't you move See I'm coming right back Right back for you Don't you change your position Girl I'm on a mission Baby trust I'll be missin' Missin' you 'Cause I don't wanna leave [repeat CHORUS] [BRIDGE] Streets be calling me They be callling my name And when they call I gotta go So I'm letting you know I won't be gone for long And already I can't wait to come home to you [repeat CHORUS x2] [Speaking] Break it down now ow Naw I don't want to leave But you know how it is when- Whoa baby keep that on Don't take it off Keep in on So I can take it off when I come back Yeah fo' sho [repeat CHORUS]


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