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# Debut Chart
59 Oct '05 Hot 100
3 Oct '05 Country


1st Verse From the hills 'a Kaycee, Wyoming Where life's "Wooly and Wild" Came a Navy brat in a cowboy hat And that Copenhagen smile And from buckin' broncs to honky tonks He always sang a cowboy's song We were much too young Havin' too much fun As we all sang along Chorus (And) we sang "Life's A Highway" There's only one way you're gonna get through it (yeah) When she starts to twist Be more like Chris Pull your hat down tight (let me have it) And just LeDoux it When that whistle blows And that crowd explodes And them pickup men are at yo' side They tell you good ride, cowboy Good ride (take a ride)

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2nd Verse Them gold buckles to gold records Well, once again he was spinnin' 'round Took the whole world on And he turned us on To that "Western Underground" And from "Bareback Jack" to "This Cowboy's Hat" The songs were stronger than his pain He would not slow down from town to town Like children "Runnin' Thru The Rain" (Repeat Chorus Twice) Tag I bet he crossed that River Jordan With Saint Peter on the other side Singin' good ride, cowboy Good ride Say good ride, cowboy Good ride


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