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# Debut Chart
12 May '05 Mainstream Rock
12 May '05 Modern Rock


Now one fell asleep in the street And he never woke up And now one died in pieces in his bed With a mouth full of bones

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And one threatened me long ago I saw him melt in the bright light of day And one laid to rest in a field Under stories and clones, hey [CHORUS] I've been wandering sideways I've stared straight into the sun Still I don't know why you're dying Long before your time has come Your time has come Now one took some bullets in the chest In a deal gone wrong And one got a little too depressed And he went and jumped the gun One got shot right in the face And he somehow survived But he doesn't know my name or who I am And I'm not surprised [repeat CHORUS 2x] Your time has come, yeah I've seen fifty thousand names All engraved on a stone Most of them men under the grave Years before I was born All of them left brothers And sisters and mothers behind And most of their family and friends Have all had their time [repeat CHORUS 2x] Long before your time has come Long before your time has come And your time has come


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