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by Paul Wall feat Big Pokey
# Debut Chart
34 Apr '05 R&B
93 Aug '05 Hot 100


[Hook] sittin sidewayz, boyz in a daze sittin sidewayz, boyz in a daze sittin sidewayz, boyz in a daze on a sunday night I might burn me some haze [repeat] [Verse 1] Swisha house, Big Pokey and Paul Wall Baby It's the people's champ, I'm something like a bawla the candy paint drippin off of the ol' school Impala I'm wit that big bank hank that poppi Joe and box trunk bump like chicken pox, turn the bass up just a notch you see them blades choppin, you see that trunk poppin ho's that diss me in the club the same ho's in the parking lot boppin they see me in the Jag, actin bad wit T Ferris open mouth and showcase ice, and you gon see about twenty carrats I'm what they do you on 5-9 double O in the taho on twenty-fo's, I'm the truth I got that glow I'm out that swisha house wit Archie Lee and Couda Bang sittin sidewayz on swang and the candy paint drippin off the frame you see me actin bad I'm showin out and pullin stunts say cheese and show my fronts, it's mo' carrats then Bugs Bunny's lunch I got a cup full of that oil, and I'm paid plus I'm sittin side ways [Hook]

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[Verse 2] What it do I'm on the block posted up like a mailbox slangin licks on, the grind, puttin money in my socks a legend in the hood for gold grills and poppin seals a icon on the mic for showcasing my verbal skills I'm in the club posted up wit some gang bangas still flippin a ol' school candy cadillac on swangas I got a styrophome white cup full of that drank lookin for that dank, my hustle game sharp as a shank big bank take little bank 80 4's and candy paint tryna find some honey love, my mackin game is top rank these ho's peepin me, ill hustlin on the side eaves droppin my conversations, tryna figure which car I drive I'm on the scene strapped up like I was bungee jumpin hit the corner you hear me bumpin look at that cold grillin' woman the trunks popped up, my music screwed and chopped I'm the undisputed king of the parking lot, I'm sittin sidewayz [Hook] [Verse 3] [Big Pokey] maybe O.J's, ho's be goin' crazy when they see me sittin sidewayz on them twenty-fo's watch ya ho, watch ya money, watch ya clothes single women's out the mold, glidin like a ice skater motor like a snot nose supersized drop doors mono blocks chop mold customized deck cuz the mono block stock lows Sadey Sade, Don Ki, Paul Wall in the place heads up when you see us, we gon' put it in ya face redbones scoutin together?? when I blaze boys smell lemon haze, I ain't he nigga to settle I'm that dude wit the metal, that get hot as a kettle from messin round wit some cats that ain't go it together flossin, breakin of the intersection crossin three wheelin eckin the iz-ass on the rosses S.U.C. in the do', M.O.B on the place pull up in the driveway, leanin' and I'm sittin [Hook]


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