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# Debut Chart
36 Jul '05 R&B
65 Jul '05 Hot 100


"I hope y'all got y'all playa's card 'cause y'all ain't getting in unless ya do It's Kell's y'all still got the world surrounded for the non-believers" [CHORUS] Playa's only where them chicks be checkin' their bodies Up in the club where they get real naughty Take um from here to the private parties where there ain't nothing but Playa's only where the playa's be spinnin' a lot of dough Honies got ass bouncing on the floor This is how we behind the playa's door

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[R Kelly] (She on the floor) surrounded by them playa's and thugs (She on the floor) the girls gone wild in the clubs (In V.I.P.) Got drough with a bottle of bub (She don't care) Shakin' ass just throwin' 'em up I'd really like to get to know her the way she warms her Bodie up now she heated got me heated up I can find I really wanna beat it up So her how I hit the bottle and spend it up You don't gotta worry 'bout being alone 'Cause tonight we'll be together in my home Exit out the club bouncin' our domes Got that red coupe matchin' the chrome Put that body in motion motion And watch it wave like ocean ocean Now break it down and worm it worm it Now bring it up and shake it shake it [repeat CHORUS] [Game] I'm still fresh like uh impala uh Dre's young guns still ridin' the base drums (Chi) Four times platinum hate it or love it I'm still number one Still in the hood one hand on my gun And my trigger finger still make bitches cum I mean the one with the ring and the tongue Compton uh Kelly found her in the slums Shakin' that rump both hands on the pumps Send her home with me I'll have your girl yellin' uhhh Kell's my bitch drunk but until girlfriend still wanna have fun Pass the blunt let her drink red rum Bet she ain't never seen a penthouse at the Trump Me and R been around the world and we'll give it to you just how u like it girl [R Kelly] Girl you on a mission step in club shuttin' down competition The way you walk it talk it switch it And when the doors close handle yur business Now make your booty go (Boom boom boom boom) Break it down now (Boom boom boom boom) Bring it up now (Boom boom boom boom) Push it back girl (Boom boom boom boom) Now shake shake it shake it shake it Out the club in the coupe to the mansion We gone get bent up to the morning Layin' back in the chair while you wind it Lap dance on me girl bump and grind it We gone do it till we drop it until the part stop we gone keep it hot [repeat CHORUS] I like it when you flip that bump that roll that Shake that drop that rope that Make it go clap clap I like it when you flip that bump that roll that Shake that drop that rope that Make it go clap clap [repeat CHORUS]


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