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8 Feb '05 R&B
19 Mar '05 Hot 100


[Ludacris - imitating Austin Powers] Yeahhhh baby, heh heh, yeahh! [Ludacris] Back again (that's right) Luda! Ha ha ha ha (Feel this) It gets meaner and meaner each time baby Feelin real good too (holla at 'em man) What up Uncle 'Face! (Yeah) I'm a bull in this industry man (tell 'em) Some would rather run down and get one cow (nah) I think I'd rather walk down and get 'em all You know what I'm talkin 'bout right? Look [Verse 1] I'm never goin nowhere so don't try me My music sticks in fans veins like an IV Flows poison like Ivy, oh they grimy Already offers on my 6th album from labels tryin to sign me Respected highly, HIIII MR. O'REILLY Hope all is well, kiss the plantiff and the wifey Drove through the window, the industry super sized me Now the girls see me and a river's what they cry me I'm on the rise, so many people despise me Got party ammunition for those tryin to surprise me (surprise!) It's a celebration and everyone should invite me Roll with the crew or meet the bottom of our Nikes (blaow!) Explorer like Dora these swipers can't swipe me My whole aura's so MEAN in my white tee Nobody light-skinded reppin harder since Ice-T You disagree, take the Tyson approach and bite me! [Chorus] Whoa! Don't slip up or get got! (Why not man?) I'm comin for that number one spot! (Alright) Rappers swearin they on top! (Nuh uh, uh uh) But I'm comin' for they number one spot! (Alright man) Scheme scheme, plot plot (say WHAT?) I'm comin for that number one spot! (Woo, hey) Keep it goin it won't stop! (What you doin man?) I'm comin for that number one spot!

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[Verse 2] Yes indeed, Ludacris I'm hotter than Nevada Ready to break the steerin column on yo' Impala If I get caught, bail out, po'-po' I tell 'em holla In court I never show up, like Austin Powers fa-zha Father, father, and hey I love gold But can buy anything I want from the records I've sold Jacuzzi's hot, Cristal is so cold Neighbors catch contacts, from the blunts that I've rolled A pig in a blanket, a smoke and a pancake Drop albums non-stop once a year for my fans sake I crush mics until my hand breaks Then shag now and shag later 'til these women can't stand straight The Luda-meister got 'em feelin so randy I'm +XXL+ so I call 'em my +Eye Candy+ Brush my shoulder and I, pop my collar Cause I'm worth a million ga-zillion fa-fillion dollars [Chorus] [Verse 3] Causin lyrical disasters, it's the master Make music for Mini-Me's, models and Fat Bastards These women tryin yo get me out my Pelle Pelle They strip off my clothes and tell me, "Get in my belly!" Stay on the track, hit the ground runnin like Flo-Jo Sent back in time and I've never lost my mojo Ladies and gentlemen ahh, boys and girls Ludacris sent down to take over the whole world! [Chorus]


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