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by Nelly
Lyrics by: Nelly, Jayson Bridges
# Debut Chart
64 Feb '05 Hot 100


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Let's go (Ha-ha-haha-ha) Oooh N dey say Ooh ooh oooh (Ha-ha-haha-ha) Oooh N dey say Ooh ooh oooh Hold up, stop now, let me get a look you Damn girl I ain't see u since prom Come to think 'bout it can't belive it been that long Girl I heard your man locked down now How long he gone? oh, that long How the hell he get time like that 3 Strikes for possession ahh he ain't coming back He left you with two kids and bills all around Plus you found out he had another chick across town Its always the darkest right before the sun rise And you gotta stay strong for the kids in their eyes And please don't despise and go against all brothers And have a hatred in heart and take it out on another I hate to sound 2pac-ish lil mama but keep your head up But your gonna make it I promise you keep your head up And that, that don't kill you only makes you stronger And the will to succeed only feed the hunger For real, for real, for real, (Ha-haha-ha-ha) Hey ooh N dey say ooh oooh ooh (Ha-haha-ha-ha) N dey say ooh oooh ooh I was at the gas station when a man walked passed With a sign will work for food, clothes or cash And he asked if he could pump my gas so I let him Clean the windshield and throw out the trash so I let him Hey, I even asked the brother his name Where he was from, got kids man and what's they ages He kinda stared for a second he kinda looked surprised That anyone would even take an interest in his life He said young brother there the only words I've heard in the last year Was a no and get the fuck away from hurr How could something so simple as general conversation Mean much more than general conversation Hey you could tell life had beaten him down Like he was in the title fight and this might be his last round Sometimes the easiest things we take for granted Until there gone we realized we even had it For real, for real, for real

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(Ha-haha-ha-ha) Hey ooh N dey say ooh oooh ooh (Ha-haha-ha-ha) N dey say ooh oooh ooh I used to think that life had a plan for me Until I realized life had to be planned by me See that's the key I only deal wit what I can see Cuz over history, mystery brought us nothin' but misery There's more people that done died in the name of the lord Then in any natural disaster, disease or gang wars Before guns there was swords and they was killing each other Ain't much changed to this day we still killing each other Killing our brothers while another mother cries for help Man we need to help a brother find himself Feed 'em life 1, 2, 3 Hey there's something every brother should see And that's for real, And that's for real, And that's for real Hey ooh ooh ohh N dey say ooh ooh ohh (Ha-haha-ha-ha) Hey ooh ooh ohh N dey say ooh ooh ohh (Ha-haha-ha-ha)


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