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# Debut Chart
25 Jul '04 R&B
79 Sep '04 Hot 100


In my white tee (yup) (12x) [CHORUS] I slang in my white tee I bang in my white tee All in the club spittin' game in my white tee I bling in my white tee Fuck a throwback I look clean in my white tee

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[repeat CHORUS] Step on the scene wit some green And some hard white work Real clean fresh jeans and a hard white shirt We all get money and we all smoke perk Hit the dirt one squirt a leave all y'all merked Cuz I'm fresh in my white tee They glance at my white tee And I got that hat that match my pants and my white tee Whoever that u might see I know they got a white tee Homeboy, brotha, sista, motha, daddy, or ya wifey Hanes or froot of loom be the name on my white tee I got a chain mane it's a stain on my white tee Lames in the white tee I bring the pain in my white tee


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