Music Service


by 2Pac feat Nate Dogg
# Debut Chart
55 Dec '04 R&B
98 Jan '05 Hot 100


Ha ha, man, you crazy See, it ain't easy being me Life as a celebrity Is less than heavenly I got these fakes And these back stabbers Chasing me around And it's always drama Whevever I wanna get around Mama told me Long before I ever came up Gotta be true to what you do And keep your game up 'Cause things change And jealousy becomes a factor Best friend's at your wife;s house Trying to mack her

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I'm on tour but still They keep on knocking at my door And I got no time to worry I'm steady wanting more Every day is a test, yes I try hard but I'm struggling With every breath I pray to God that the woman That I left at home all alone Ain't nothing like trying To bone over the phone In my mind I could see her naked I can't take it Got me shaking at the though That we can make it I thought you knew [CHORUS] I'm rolling out on tour today You getting sad 'Cause I'm goin' away, naa Chickenheads wanna play with me You getting mad 'Cause you think I'm a sway Some of them cute Some of them fine as hell You hear them scream as soon As I hit the stage, naa Still I be getting lonely for you I'm coming home soon As I make this pay Make this pay I call you up long distance On the telephone I wanna tuck you in Even though I know I can't make it home I whisper things in your ear Like you're near me Wonder if you feel me From far away Or can you hear me It seems to me That you're jealous 'Cause I'm hustlin' and Making money with the fellas In the back streets Trying to trap me Baby, hold up Thugs get lonely too But I'm a soldier And there's no way I'm-a stop making money 'Cause your attitude's changed And you're acting a little funny Always complaining Saying we don't spend time Can't you see I got enough Stress on my mind And hanging up like you all that Then get mad when I'm tell you that I'm busy, baby, call back Please, ain't nothing left To say to you Thugs get lonely too You know [repeat CHORUS] I sit alone in my room Drinking without a care Talking out loud to you Like you're there Take your picture out my back pocket Man, it's on You the first face I wanna see When I get home I wanna love you till the sun rise Buck wild Touching every wall in the house Thug style Put your hands on the headboard Think of me Dripping sweat on top of you Sick of scenes in your head That I'm making love So turn the lights down Reminisce and relax 'Cause, baby, right now I feel in the middle of my stomach You whisper in my ear Baby, tell me how you really want it Hold on tightly Watch the ceiling Scratch my back How you react Lets me know you feel me 'Cause everything I'm giving To you is so true And thugs get lonely too You know [repeat CHORUS] Yeah, thug life, baby Stay thuggin' Hey, so you remember that Next time you sweat me When I'm on the road, baby Thugs get lonely too We ain't gotta go through all These bullshittin' ass problems If you wanna be real with me Be real with me If you wanna be fake Move onto the next one That ain't me, you know


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