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Lyrics by: Dierks Bentley
# Debut Chart
4 May '04 Country
49 Oct '04 Hot 100


It's strange to hear your voice, I did not expect for you to call You wonder how I'm doin, how I'm holding up since you've been gone Well, how am I doing since you did, what you've done to me I can't lie, I sometimes cry, when I think of how it used to be I keep my friends with me, I stay busy, and I don't get much sleep Baby that's how i'm doing since you did, what you done to me Well now wait one minute, I failed to mention, those tears I cried are tears of joy Because it was no fun, there under your thumb, and now that we're done I'm getting right, every night, with every single, every loving girl in sight Repeat Chorus Well, when all my friends heard, what a you know what you were They took me out on the town But then I heard our song, and I danced along, but it felt all wrong Cause she was sweet, she let me lead, she never took her ever lovin eyes off me

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Repeat Chorus Well I don't know what you were thinking, running round on me Well, now you say you're sorry.....well honey I agree So, how are you doing since you did, what you did to me Girl don't lie, I know you cried...cause you know how good it used to be Yeah, tell me does the thought of, loosing my true love, make it hard to sleep Baby how are you doing since you did what you done to me Now how are you doing , now that you know how I'm doing Since you did what you done to me


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