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2004 - Rap
# Debut Chart
7 Jan '04 Hot 100


[Dj] Let's take some calls from the request line caller number 1 [Caller] A man wazzup this Dominque from shade n low trailer park [Dj] Wazzup Dominque [Caller] I wanna hear that song from Lil John and Petey Pablo [Dj] Aight I got that coming right up for ya now shout outs to The radio station that gave you what you wanted [Caller] Boom boom beat

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[CHORUS] How u like it daddy (the way she do it from the front) How u like it daddy (the way she do it from he back) How u liek it daddy (then bring it down like that) [repeat CHORUS] 24, 34, 46 Good and thick and what u give her she could work with it Pretty face and some cute lips Earring in her tongue and she know what to do with it Made a name for herself and she do her shit well and know how To keep her business to herself Come over anytime nigga call chick 1 O'clock, 2 o'clock (ding dong) and she right their And she know why she came here And she know where clothes suppose to be (off and over their) Sniff a lil coke, take a lil x, smoke a lil weed, drink a lil bit I need a girl I could freak with And wanna try shit and ain't scared of a big dick And love to get get her pussy licked by another bitch Cause I ain't drunk enough to do that shit [VERSE] Freek a leek Shameka kiesha tara (freek-a-leek) shawna sabrina crystal Derhonda (freek-a-leek) lisa falicia tonesha shavon (freek-a-leek) Monica monique christina yolonda I need to know a whole lot That could teach me broad Need a ding dong stick a tongue and take her to ball Any reason gon' head do that for her I'm Spalding and I don't like to work that hard I like to lay back relax and enjoy my jaw Till my eyes roll back & my toes curl I love when do that girl till it come time for me to give her hers Tell me what you want Do want a missionary with your feet crammed to the head board Do want it from the back with your face in The pillow so you could yell as loud as you want girl Do you want it on the floor, do want it in the chair do you want it over here do want it over their Do you want it in your pussy do u want it in your ass I could give you anything you can handle [repeat CHORUS] [repeat VERSE x2] [Caller] A I appreciate that homeboy [Dj] Not a problem you know I do it cause I love ya Now I got to give a shot out to she's and gin Cause I'm drinkin' and they paying for it [repeat VERSE x2]


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