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by B2K feat Fabolous
# Debut Chart
29 Dec '03 R&B
59 Dec '03 Hot 100


Yeah, yeah, yeah (It's B2K, ya'll) It's B2K ya'll Welcome, ladies and gentlemen (yes) To the You Got Served soundtrack (Yeah) we about to do dis You know how we get down Oh, yeah, you know dat Come on Like, whoa, you know Girl, you're the star of my show In this club, popping bub The way you shaking Deserving some dubs Turn around, make it bounce Shake it like you Come from out of town What's your name What's your sign Girl, you're leaving with me tonight [CHORUS] Mami, shake it like you care for me You know I like it when you Do that little dance for me Mami, I'm just trying To get you in my room And see that big badabing go badaboom [repeat CHORUS] This one, I seen Couldn't believe The ass in them jeans To myself, had to think Any room for me up in them jeans Ghetto star, you are Eat you up like a chocolate bar What's your name What's your sign Damn, you got me weeping inside

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[repeat CHORUS 2x] I wanna see your Badabing go badaboom And my house got a wing With a lotta rooms I can do a lotta things Get you hot as June I wanna watch your body swing To the hottest grooves I'm trying to slide behind it When you throw it 'round So I can ride and grind it When you slow it down Bring it from the top Then take it to the bottom I'm clinging to your top Trying to make it to you, oh The way you move is fab-u-losa It makes me wanna grab you closer You know I like it when you bounce, bounce Throw your hands up and you bounce, bounce I don't back down When I'm pressing you I'm finna lay the smack down Like the wrestler But nobody get it to popping Like this man can Have them girls get it To popping on a handstand Ghetto [repeat CHORUS 4x] Say la la la la la B2K, Fab, T-Scott Oh, yeah, Chris Stokes I see you, boy And, oh, yeah, Dave Mack Let's do this again Yeah, ha ha, woo T-u-g, mmm Badaboom


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