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# Debut Chart
1 Oct '99 Country
40 Mar '00 Hot 100


He works hard to give her All he thinks she wants A three-car garage Her own credit cards He pulls in late to wake her up With a kiss goodnight If he could only read her mind She'd say [CHORUS] Buy me a rose Call me from work Open a door for me What would it hurt Show me you love me by The look in your eyes These are the little things I need the most in my life Now the days have grown to Years of feeling all alone And she can't help but Wonder what she's doing wrong Lately, she'd try anything To turn his head Would it make a difference If she'd said [repeat CHORUS] And the more that he lives The less that he tries to show her The love that he holds inside

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And the more that she gives The more that he sees This is the story of you and me So I bought you a rose On my way home from work To open the door to A heart that I hurt And I hope you notice This look in my eyes Cause I'm gonna make things right For the rest of your life And I'm gonna hold you tonight Do all those little things For the rest of your life


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