Music Service


by Silkk The Shocker feat Master P & Mac
# Debut Chart
20 Sep '00 Single Sales
50 Sep '00 R&B


CHORUS Now when I step on the set They say he did that Pull up in the six hundred stretch They say he did that Presidential wit the baggates They say he dad that He did that, (no limit) He did that.

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(chorus) I got a house with a pool in the back And every girl I used to know she tryin` to do it wit Mac And even the ones with them big ol` butts They become sluts when a nigga ball Feelin` small cause my middle finger at y`all Can I ball?, let me take y`all niggas back in `96 When I was two seconds from robbing niggas for they shit Bustin` niggas in they shit Privileges from me and my niggas, til this day ain`t nobody seein` my niggas. There was a line between the real and the fake But it`s gotten thinner, everybody`s a pretender Even people I`m kind ta`, Bitches in my hood yellin`, `Where them dollars at?` `Bitch get`s yours!` is what I holler back, cause I`ma mack Hey, yo Mr Big Paper, you wanna get wit that, don`t you? You ol` dog, always take the girls how much I called you How I be jockin you, but you don`t be telling them hoes how I be knocking you Get in them pants and give it to my naggas to (chorus 2x) When I roll up in the stretch, They be like `He did that` You know there`s money involved, we gotta flip that Tell whodi in the back, I`m tryin` to get that I`m tryin` to do something to see if she`s wit that So won`t you wobble wobble And watch her shake it shake it Then drop it drop it, then break it break it Then I whisper in her ear and tell her what I`m trying to do Cause I`m a thug girl, even though chicks might find me cute Fate, I doubt that, me and my soldiers about that We cock locks and drop the top and hop up out that Catch me ridin` up in a 4 door Bentley This chrome look good on 19 but even better on 20`s Tattooed up, this is my click and we a bunch of fools Boy ya`ll gone floss with your lil` jewels, we make y`all put y`all jewels up(bling bling) Lil` Tigger we gon bent that Them call for small for me and my dogs Them boys goin` to stretch that. (chorus 2x)


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