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# Debut Chart
3 Nov '99 Country
40 Jan '00 Hot 100


I was ten years old the day I got caught With some dime store candy that I never bought I hung my head and I faced the wall as Daddy showed me wrong from right He said this hurts me more than it does you Theres just some things son, that you just don`t do Is anything I`m sayin` getting through Daddy I can see the light

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CHORUS Oh Lessons learned, man they sure run deep They don`t go away and they don`t come cheap Oh theres no way around it Cause this world turns on lessons learned Granddaddy was a man I loved He bought me my first ball and glove Even taught me how to drive his old truck Circling that ol` town square He spoke of life with a slow southern drawl I never heard him cause I knew it all But I sure listened when I got the call That he was no longer there (Chorus 2x)


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