Music Service


by DMX
Lyrics by: DMX, Self, Irv Gotti
# Debut Chart
23 Dec '99 R&B
67 Jan '00 Hot 100


See this is the fucking shit I be talking 'bout Half rapping ass motherfuckers You think it's a game You think it's a fucking game What y'all really want (2x) DMX Ryde or Die What's my name! D-M-X And I be the best You see the rest looking like they need a rest One more time!I'm a spit some shit That's gone get at you And be fucking with your mind Stop talking shit! 'Cause you out there running your mouth And really don't know who you fucking with Here we go again How many times do I have to tell you rap niggas I have no friends You still acting up! Running around here like some brand new pussy That's about to get fucked The game don't stop! I'm still getting down for whatever, whenever That's why my shit is hot Can't keep it real!Now some of us do But most of us don't That's how a nigga feel I she'd blood!For my peoples That'll keep you looking see through If ever you try to creep

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[CHORUS] D-M-X 'Cause if you want we got it Come and get it nigga we with it All you got to do is set it baby Ryde or die What y'all niggas want (uh uh) What y'all niggas want (uh uh)(2x) You still talking shit! You going to think it's a joke Till they no longer remember your name That's how we do 'em! Make cowards disappear Into thin air By putting shit through 'em Never coming back! Last time you saw that nigga Will be the last time you see that nigga Ah-ight No more deaths!'Cause in a minute You going to have grandma Being the only family member left Bust my gun!If I have to kill a nigga But I'm always down for a one on one Dog for life! We going to get to the bottom of this shit If it takes all night Stop, drop, open up shop! Fake up north niggas Screaming for the cops Ryde or die! Now what that means Is that I tell a nigga bye byeAnd pop him in his right eye [repeat CHORUS 2x] Look at all these off bread niggas! Running 'round yapping 'bout They holding figures as big as Jiggas' That's that bullshit! Don't they know 'round me Talking about what you gotWill get you hit I'm not a nice person! I been done smack the shit out of you Twice dog And that's before I start cursing I stay flipping!One minute I'm cool The next minute I'm up on a nigga ripping That's my style!I'm a crutty nigga Leave you all bloody nigga Service with a smile Suck my dick! Now all you niggas that been to jail before Know it's about to get thick Let's get it on baby! You going against three niggas in one And you think you crazyI lose my mind!And I'm about to lose yours to From far away at one time [repeat CHORUS 4x]


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