Music Service


by Keith Murray feat Def Squad
# Debut Chart
50 Feb '03 R&B
99 Apr '03 Hot 100


Uh huh, uh huh, Uh huh, uh huh, Uh huh, uh huh, (yea yea you know it) Uh huh, uh huh, Uh huh, uh huh, (ain't scared to how it) Uh huh, uh huh [CHORUS] We do this like we want too and don't give a what Yea yea you know it, ain't scared to show it [Keith Murray] It go lights, camera, action, ya on, excuse me Mr. Murray but uh uh on I put the uh uh uh uh world bar, this cuts out hear don't be saying jacko I get raw and he splits it when I spit it on the mic, folks say he need a Lord in he's life Silly, think you can face me but really you must be crazy Aiiyo essa loco, dame beso, Dominican girls call us negro I keep a sham pony, showing camel toe, the reason why man I don't know No matter where I go, here I go, there I go I'm proper And keep poppin' like Orville Redenbacher, more freaky decky with the speachy I stay off the meat rack b, exactly

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[repeat CHORUS x2] [Erik Sermon] Sermon bless the flow you know god sent me, time is money and my time cost Like a Bentley I'm dope, oh yea you know it, like a infrared beam, ain't Scared to show it Peep it, check my movement this here feel right, POW, check his cap, make Sure it peeled right, Boy you a fake thug with a deal, the only gang you Represent is Sugarhill You cats is kittens, Boy drink this milk, put down the Hennessy, son you Killing me Dub I snatch the corn from the children, stashed it, in ya homeboys building Stop he's killing it somebody call the cops, yea call 911 watch no one come That's to show how nice I am, the fifth group to sign with Def Jam, whoe [repeat CHORUS x2] [Redman] In the bed I'm marathon man, Redman Hittin' more walls than aerosol cans, don't I, yea yea you know it And when I fuck, ain't scared to show it Yo and when the bricks out of control, barricade the city, there's an Outbreak in ya out of state committee, you seen it, yea yea you know it, and If ya got it, ain't Scared to show you with the bad guy, here I am I got the -----, on the killa cam, throwing they draws on the ceiling fan You small like a kilogram, I'm in a airplane riding over Columbia, you Little man I'm the boss Dr.Banocka, shut up all the gossip, bring your roster I whup ya ass, like Ike Turner, anyday when I stomp m.c.'s, I yell, ana mae Weather I'm hot or not pidgeons gone flock, they gone get the wig done, for Diggin' on doc, find me around the aisle, in the frozen food. cuz I'm so cool, Cool, cool [repeat CHORUS x4] Give it to me, don't say nuttin', don't say nuttin', ooooooooooooooooooh, give It to me


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