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# Debut Chart
10 May '03 R&B
14 Aug '03 Hot 100


[Intro - Young Chris + (Neef)] Six figure, woo Uh, Youngunaz (Youngunaz) Chris and Neef (That`s right) Jeah, uh, this official State P. representers Jeah, woo, woo, ahh [Chorus - Young Chris] Can`t stop, won`t stop, Rocafella Records `Cause we, we get down baby, we get down baby The girls, the girls, they love us Cause we stay fresh to death, we the best nothing less [Verse 1 - Young Chris] They don`t make us so break us, when they make-up to break up (No) See the Jacob, fix they lil` make up (Uh) That`s them Youngunaz Chris and Lil` Neefy Wishin they was the one what Chris got Lil` Kee Kee (That`s right) Home base Sham Coo back dere (Uh huh) Keep ya mouth shut, we might do that dere Yep, it`s only right, that the whole block stares Hop out the Bimp, with blue and white airs When I say move nigga let`s go and get left yo Mami feelin my begets so my whole neck glow Say I`m young but I can sex though Now could it be I`m the one ladies check fo` Yes hoe, got grown women my momma age, fuck me all kinda ways Suck and swallow everything, way before them rhyming days Naw it ain`t bout the age, it`s all in da stroke Bitches thought I was a joke, `til they got my jammies, HEY!

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[Chorus x2] [Verse 2 - Neef + (Young Chris)] Yep, it`s only right we don`t feed `em no cash We ain`t flea `em and pass soon when we see `em we pass `em Yep, I know they hate `cause we seein that cash And seein right pass `em, and I don`t wanna access `em No, no, don`t make me the bad one Then negotiate, when the man wit the badge come You know the rules, when a nigga was yappin Ain`t no rappin, when we see `em we clappin Plastic bag `em, then we findin a ditch (Yeah) Toss the magnum, then we findin his bitch (Yeah) Then take a step over the shit we left over Now I gotta and tell, my niggaz what happen Niggaz better believe, we the youngest in charge (Yeah) Ain`t takin a deal man, I run wit a charge (Yeah) Chris and Neef, we runnin this rap shit State Property poppin anyone of you bastards [Chorus x2] [Verse 3 - Young Chris] They see the Younguna, all the girlie, girlies Wanna see the Younguna once they see the Rocawear (Wear) Little bit of jewels plus I treat `em like I care (Care) Safe home base I just treat `em like a spare (Yeah) You know I stay wit a beautiful little thing And after me, it`s Neef abusin that little thing, look (together) You better tuck your girl, if she hot fam` (together) `Cause I`m pretty sure, she a rock fan Mami do you want, us or him Ain`t no `I` in a team, fuck wit me, fuck wit them Get the ride for my dogs, that`s the game baby girl Ain`t no shame keep it clean, keep a eye on my dogs (You know) Never brag, never blab what you saw Let them motherfuckers know you just as fast on the draw (Fo` show) Let `em know you need some cash for the drawls (Wooo) Keep the shit between us, so they be blast on the saw [Chorus x2]


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