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# Debut Chart
1 Oct '03 Country
29 Nov '03 Hot 100


All he could think about was: `I`m too young for this. `Got my whole life ahead. `Hell, I`m just a kid myself: `How `m I gonna raise one?` All he could see were his dreams, Going up in smoke. So much for ditchin` this town, An` hangin` out on the coast. Oh well, those plans are long gone.

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And he said: `There goes my life. `There goes my future, my everything. `Might as well kiss it all good-bye: `There goes my life.` A couple years of up all night, An` a few thousand diapers later. That mistake he thought he made, Covers up the refrigerator: Oh yeah, he loves that little girl. An` Momma`s waiting to tuck her in, As she fumbles up those stairs. She smiles back at him, Dragging that teddy bear: `Sleep tight.` Blue eyes and bouncing curls. An` he smiles: `There goes my life `There goes my future, my everything.` `I love you, Daddy, goodnight.` `There goes my life.` She had that Honda loaded down, With Abercrombie clothes, An` and fifteen pairs of shoes, An` his American Express. He checked the oil and slammed the hood, Said: `You`re good to go.` She hugged them both, An`d headed off to the west coast. An` he cried: `There goes my life. `There goes my future, my everything. `I love you, baby, good-bye. `There goes my life. `There goes my life. `Baby, good-bye.`


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