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# Debut Chart
8 Nov '03 Adult Contemp
37 Nov '03 Hot 100


What you doing tonight I wish I could be A fly on your wall Are you really alone Who's stealing your dreams Why can't I bring you Into my life (So tell me) What would it take to Make you see that I'm alive [CHORUS] If I was invisible Then I could just Watch you in your room If I was invincible I'd make you mine tonight If hearts were unbreakable Then I could just Tell you where I stand I would be the smartest man If I was invisible Wait, I already am Saw your face in the crowd I call out your name You don't hear a sound I keep tracing your steps Each move that you make Wish I could read What goes through your mind (Oh, baby) Wish you could touch me With the colors of your life [repeat CHORUS] Wait, I already am (I'd make you mine tonight) Invisible (I'd make you mine tonight) I reach out But you don't even see me Even when I scream out Baby, you don't hear me (You don't hear me) I am nothing without you Just a shadow passing through

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Invisible, invisible, invisible Invisible, invisible, invisible [repeat CHORUS] If I was invisible If I was invisible Yeah, yeah If I was invisible If I was invisible.....


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