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# Debut Chart
10 Jun '03 R&B
22 Jul '03 Hot 100


[Mary J. Blige] Lookin` at you from a distance Gettin` all of my attention Could this be love at first sight, baby You walked away and I missed you Visions of wanting to kiss you How could this be if I don`t really know you? Ohh baby, baby [Chorus: Mary J. Blige] Could it be love at first sight? And I never knew that I, could fall in love on the very first night Could this be love?

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[Mary J. Blige] You had on the latest fashion It was a bigger distraction It drew me closer and closer to you, yeah, baby I never saw anything like this But you I just could not resist I swallowed my pride and stepped through your side Or could it be - be [Chorus] [Hook: Mary J. Blige] I wanna know if you could call me up (could you call me up sometime? please) And maybe somebody we just might hook up, could this love at first sight? [Method Man] Once again, it`s that other M&M now How many women feelin` him? Somebody call the coroner, quick, Mary is killin `em Tell `em what`s the 411 and who came runnin` When Clef dialed 911 from shots comin` This somethin` for the radio, guest starring M.C. Johnny Blazin` the hip hop and R&B What, ya`ll thought ya wasn`t gon` see me You can`t spell Mary J. Blige without a J.B. Well back to the matter, and it`s sex on the platter She only wanna be happy and I ain`t mad at her You go momma, nowadays, I`m more calmer And if you take a look at my life, no more drama Now you know, you searchin` for a Wu-Tang pro You find me, just bout everywhere the poontang go Now you know, feel me like your favorite love song Cuz my computer love is the the truth [Chorus 2X]


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