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# Debut Chart
1 Feb '03 Mainstream Rock
1 Feb '03 Modern Rock
31 Mar '03 Hot 100


On a cobweb afternoon In a room full of emptiness By a freeway, I confess I was lost in the pages

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Of a book full of death Reading how we'll die alone If we're good, we'll lay to rest Anywhere we want to go [CHORUS] In your house, I long to be Room by room patiently I'll wait for you there Like a stone, I'll wait For you there alone On my deathbed, I will pray To the gods and the angels Like a pagan to anyone Who will take me to heaven To a place I recall I was there so long ago The sky was bruised The win was bled And there you led me on [repeat CHORUS] And on I read Until the day was gone And I sat in regret Of all the things I've done For all that I've blessed And all that I've wronged In dreams until my death I will wonder on [repeat CHORUS] Alone


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