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# Debut Chart
23 Jan '04 R&B
65 Apr '04 Hot 100


Now what we came here to do It means more to me than just a night That we share So make sure that you're prepared Baby and know that love is not just something to do It's the moment that transcends Our physical into a more spiritual level of understanding

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[Chorus] And who knows Somehow this night Just might lead us into a place Where our emotions can grow if we let them go Cause who knows What may happen If we act on our attractions And loose ourselves Inside a world made for us And no one else Hey girl just let me love you Now aint no need to be afraid Cause I'll be as gentle as it takes To provide you with the right amount of Pleasure and pain I'll Make sure that you feel alright Even if it takes me all night Cause the joy is all mine When I know your satisfied So lets keep giving all we got [Chorus] Listen, now I can see it in your eyes (yeah) (I can handle whatever's on your mind) That you want to baby just as bad as I do (and girl I wanna give it to you) Now if you can just set aside your fears And just try to deal with what's going on with us right now [Chorus] Oh baby girl Come on and let me love you


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