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by DMX feat Faith Evans
Lyrics by: DMX, Kidd Kold
# Debut Chart
37 Jan '02 R&B
86 Feb '02 Hot 100


[DMX] I know that my savior lives And at the end, he will stand on this earth My flesh may be destroyed, yet from this body, I will see God Yes, I will see him for myself - and I long for that moment

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Grandma, I really miss you and it ain`t been the same I drop a tear when I, hear yo` name Mariella Holloway, why you gotta be so far away? Used to say, `Don`t worry, it`s gon` be okay` But it ain`t - it`s like when you left, you took the Lord witchu Why couldn`t I come when he came to get you? Damn I really miss you - I had to say it again I remember the time when I was like ten Crept up in the neighbor`s yard, yeah, bein hard headed You told me I would get it - you said it! And boy did I get it, but after you spanked me, you hugged me Kissed me on my forehead, told me that you love me And I saw, that it hurt you, more than it hurt me I thought - how bad could this hurt be? I know now That`s why it`s only done out of love What I wouldn`t give for one mo` hug, from grandma [Chorus: Faith Evans] Baby it`s gon` be okay (she used to tell me that) Baby it`s gon` be okay (I really miss hearin) Baby it`s gon` be okay (she used to tell me that) Baby it`s gon` be okay (I really miss hearin) [DMX] What I`m about to say a couple of family members is gon` hate me But I`ma let you know what`s been goin on lately Now you know since you left, a lot of things witcho kids done changed Yeah Jackie`s still crazy, don`t know what`s up with James Ain`t seen Jerry in a while, you know he walk like you And Renee`s back in jail, you know she talk like you Riculah`s(?) doin real good now, she workin Rhonda`s still runnin around, trickin, jerkin Buckeye`s buggin, he done lost his mind And Jarvis? Back out of jail, doin fine Kylie? He done changed, it ain`t all about self As for my father.. well, that`s somethin else But that`s my dog, he hold his grandmother down My great grandmother, makin a lot of trips out of town But that`s a good thing, and if I could only hear you sing once more, oh Lord, the comfort it would bring [Chorus] [DMX] You left behind a mother (and) eleven kids (and) eleven grandkids And since then, two of yo` grandkids done had kids They had a boy named Tacoma, Xavier`s brother, that`s right Xavier`s made you a great grandmother I thank you for the best times of my life I thank you for when you first met her, accepted and lovin my wife I thank you for those Sunday dinners, they were vital I thank you for my - life, I thank you for the bible I thank you for the songs that you sing in the mornin (Amazing Grace..) while I`m yawnin I thank you for the two beatings you gave me Cause I know somewhere along the line the lesson I learned from the two beatings saved me And when you died I cried like a baby, I begged the Lord to take me Cause no one else could give me what you gave me But life like everything comes to an end I pray I go to heaven to see you again - amen [Chorus] - repeat 2X [Faith Evans] Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me I once was lost, but now I`m found Was blind, but now I see, yeahhh


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