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by Atmosphere
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# Debut Chart
32 May '02 Single Sales
24 Jun '02 R&B


The first time I met the devil Was at a motel 6 She left Hell to spend her weekends On Earth just for kicks Sexy little bitch Shorter then expected About five foot five Didn't fit in the breast and thighs Beautiful dark eyes A strong stare Large lips, soft hands And long hair I said I'll make you smile for The simple fact I'm good at it I'll make you smile just so I can sit and look at it [CHORUS] I will show you All you need to know You must hold on to Anyone that wants you And I will love you through The simple and the struggle But, girl, you got to understand The modern man must hustle [repeat CHORUS] Who cares what Jane says She always spits the same spit I'd rather kill the radio Then listen to the rain hit Little sister needs conclusions Somehow she'll discover it Through the pop music Got used to the feeling of falling But she'll never see her following Bouncing back and forth between The heeling and the hollering Riding the outer ring Of your own private Saturn Thoughts scattered All across the gray matter Little baby doll She doesn't know what to say to ya'll The patience is short and of course The pride is way too tall Break it all, smash the past Like it was made of glass Ain't no other way To make it last It hurts to watch Lucy lose her dream I've had the pleasure of seeing Our hero kick and scream And when she calms down I'll turn the sound down And put my arms around The little lost and found And I'll tell her that [repeat CHORUS 2x] Hush, little lady Don't say a word Or the rest of the village Gonna know you're disturbed And if you let them know That you're vulnerable Then there ain't no stopping how far They open you slow I'm a chapter in your textbook Read me like a checkbook Mistook love at first sight For a sex look Enough of the blind man's bluff I want the good stuff Trying to hook up A full belly and a foot rub The modern man's hustle I dig it, I shuffle Feed me your troubles And need me to cuddle (come on) Bundle up in my mitten and coat As cold as it gets I keep your winter afloat So let the snow fall It's cold in town She doesn't want to understand why I still come around

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She look at the mirror She don't see what I see She holds no history Of how precious she be Lay your head on my chest Speak of the stress Kick your feet up and rest Before we clean up the nest I hate to see you upset It cramps the position And if you didn't know You better listen Uou better listen 'cause [repeat CHORUS 2x]


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