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# Debut Chart
81 Jul '02 Hot 100


Baby when I think about you I don`t need to think `cause I just know That baby it`s the way you love me That makes me so damn sure that your the one Don`t you know that I`ve waited for you You are everything I`ve wanted all my life Never thought I would find what I need `Til you came along my dreams seemed so far away [Chorus:] I could be with another girl And I can take a trip all around the world But why would I go anywhere when I`ve got you I could spend my money on fancy clothes Meet a thousand women doing videos and shows But baby I`m so glad that I got you

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Maybe I just got lucky `Cause a chance like this don`t come along every day And can we hold on to what we`ve got If I ever lost you girl, my whole life would change You should know that your life gives me strength And without you I don`t know where I would be It`s because of your sould I`m at ease No matter where I am I`m not alone. eh [Repeat Chorus] All that I have Is nothing when it compares to you And I can`t believe Hoe your love makes me feel I`m glad that I`ve got you And girl you`ve got me too [Repeat Chorus]


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