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# Debut Chart
3 May '02 Mainstream Rock
5 May '02 Modern Rock
76 Jul '02 Hot 100


When I see her eyes look into my eyes Then I realize that she can see inside my head So I close my eyes thinking that I could hide Disassociate so I don`t have to lose my head The situation, is to adjatation if she cut me off Would this be an amputation?

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[Chorus:] I don`t know if I care I`m the jerk, life`s not fair Fighting all the time This is out of line She loves me not, loves me not! Do you realize I won`t compromise She loves me not, loves me not! Over the past five years I have shed my tears I have drank my beers and watch my fears fly away Then until this day you still swing my way But its sad to say sometimes she says she loves me not But I hesatate to tell her I hate This relationship I want out today, this is over! [Chorus] Life`s Not Fair I`m the jerk! Line for line, ryhme for ryhme Sometimes I be writin` all the goddam time It`s makin` me sick Relationship is gettin` ill Piss, drunk, stupid, mad On the lil, could you feel What I feel, what`s the deal girl We`re tearin` up each others world We should be in harmony boy and girl That is a promise we made Back in the day You told me that things wouldn`t be this way I think we should work this out It`s alright baby we can scream and shout [Chorus] Life`s not fair! Life`s not fair! Life`s not fair! I`m the jerk! Life`s not fair! She loves me not! Loves me not!


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