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# Debut Chart
3 Aug '02 R&B
17 Sep '02 Hot 100


Verse 1: Lately you`ve been questioning If I still see you the same way We gonna both physically change Now don`t you know you you`ll always be The most beautiful woman I know So let me reassure you darlin that My feelings are truly unconditional

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Chorus: See I`ll love you when your hair turns gray I`ll still want you if you gain a little weight The way I feel for you will always be the same Just as long as your love don`t change, No I was meant for you and you was meant for me yeah And I`ll make sure that I`ll be everything you need Girl the way we are is how its gonna be Just as long as your love don`t change Verse 2: Cause I`m not impressed, more or less By them girls in the T.V and magazines Cause honestly I believe that your beauty Is way more than skin deep Cause everything about you makes me feel I have the greatest gift in the world And even when you get on my last nerve I couldn`t see myself being with another girl Chorus Bridge: So don`t waste your time worrying bout Small things ain`t relevant to me Cause to my understanding your all I want and need See what I`m trying to say is I`m here to stay Baby, baby darling I swear that I, I swear I ain`t going nowhere, no Vamp: You are my baby Don`t you change baby I love you, got to know, Yeah, yeah


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