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# Debut Chart
14 Apr '02 R&B
20 Aug '02 Hot 100


Fabolous, Jagged Edge, don`t be fool, I`d rather have you ma` Than everything, I`d give it all, just for you, yeah You`re the one baby girl, I`ve never been so sure Your skin`s so pure, the type men go for The type I drive the Benz slow for The type I be beepin the horn, rollin down the windows for Never been no whore So to get you in closed doors, I buy you everything in those stores This, that, and those yours As long as Fabolous the only one you let that grin show for You ain`t gotta spend no more, I`m a put a rock on your hand You ain`t gotta say we just friends no more I shine, you shine, it never been no flaws I ain`t like most who just wanna get in those drawers `Cause every king need a queen And with me and you girl I ain`t tryna let a thing in between It ain`t a thing, nahmean, chicks hate, show `em the ring and the green And let your middle finger be seen, it`s on

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(Chorus - Jagged Edge) Girl I`d trade it all, money, cars and everything All, even give up my street dream (my dream) All, anything to have you on my team (I don`t care baby) All, baby girl I`d trade it all (I`d trade it, yeah) Even give up my good green All, and I`d give the watch and pinky ring (oh yeah) All, anything to have you on my team All, baby girl I`d trade it all


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