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# Debut Chart
1 Apr '02 Country
28 Aug '02 Hot 100


Iím going out of my mind these days Like Iím walking Ďround in a haze I canít think straight, I canít concentrate And I need a shave I go to work and I look tired The boss man says son youíre gonna get fired This ainít your style And behind my coffee cup I just smile Chorus What a beautiful mess, what a beautiful mess Iím in Spending all my time with you Thereís nothing else Iíd rather do What a sweet addiction that Iím caught up in ĎCause I canít get enough Canít stop the hunger for your love What a beautiful, what a beautiful mess Iím in

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This morning put salt in my coffee I put my shoes on the wrong feet Losing my mind I swear You might be the death of me But I donít care Repeat chorus Bridge Is it your eyes, is it your smile All I know is that youíre driving me wild Repeat chorus (2x)


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