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by Rayvon feat Shaggy, Ricardo 'Rik Rok' Ducent, Brian & Tony Gold
# Debut Chart
87 Nov '01 R&B
41 Dec '01 Single Sales


Shaggy Intro: Yo baby, you know what`s up, Why don`t you just hit me on my 2-way, you know what I mean Don`t worry baby, you know I`m satellite connected Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, Ugh

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Rayvon: I see how you be staring at the braids on my dome I see how you checkin out the ice on my chrome I know you chickies/hunnies wanna take a real guy/man home So hit me on my 2-Way and put it on me now Rik Rok: I know what you be sayin when you whisper to you girl, I see how you be lickin on that chocolate swirl, I know you want me over there to rock your world, Hit me on my 2-Way and we can get it on. Chorus: Brian & Tony Gold Hit me up and let me know, Whats the deal if maybe we can tell, If you don`t I`ll hit you on the cell, Holla at me later, honey you can feel it baby I can tell, Later I`ll be ringing on your bell. Chorus x2 Ravon: I see how you be looking, yeah you checkin out ma ride, I feel/see those DJ rockin but my shorty`s by my side I wanna holla at you but my hands are tied, Hit me on my 2-Way and we can get it on. Rik Rok: I see your man be trippin, he be buggin I`m for sure, He saw the kiss you blew me and his jaws hit the floor, But you don`t have to stand for all that crap no more, Hit me on my 2-Way put it on me now Chorus x2 Shaggy: Baby matter was, Happenin because of the hunnies in ma car Here we`re skinny dippin and we`re eating caviar, Chillin by the pool, Shaggy smokin a cigar, Multi-platinum and counting, you have to be star, To do it like we do it, like a genie in the jar, Hit me on my pager, maybe later we can talk, Naked by my crib we can hang by the bar, My crib is on the mountain, Shaggy from afar, Have hottie, hottie wit dem legs ajar You got me ?, hot like a ?, You wanna get involved well let me know where you are. Rayvon: Put it on me girl Chorus x3


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